Our Story

Starby Designs started as just an idea born from the love we have for creating artwork with such an unassuming medium: technical machinery. While most see laser cutting equipment and industrial machines as tools only for sophisticated technical work, we saw and understand the outstanding artistic potential they hold! Combining the limitless potential of artistic vision with the unique capabilities of laser-cutting machinery, we’re able to provide truly original pieces custom fit just for our clients. Now, we continuously strive to use both our own creative ability, as well as our machinery’s incredible abilities, to generate beautiful, custom metalwork designs for all of our highly satisfied personal and business clients all over the globe. 

By utilizing the superior machinery and high-quality resources provided by our parent company, Alphidia LLC, we are able to confidently deliver excellent, spot-on designs every time. Each and every custom sign that our highly skilled team createsis made with laser cutting technology to make sure that we come through with a stellar finished product, without fail. From design and planning, all the way through to delivery, no matter what stage of the fabrication process, we dedicate ourselves to being as precise and detail oriented as possible to bring your own personal, unique vision to life! 

Our Mission

We believe in creating remarkable designs through care and attention to detail so you can have a beautifully crafted sign in your home or promoting your business whenever you like. Each order we receive is designed and manufactured right here in Charleston, SC with only the highest quality materials so we can focus on making the perfect product for you while supporting our local community here in Charleston. 

We here at Starby Designs are proud to be trusted by you for all your custom signage needs!